Lab Management and Certifications

The Engineering Research and Research capabilities in Engineering Institutions brings fostering excellence in Research based education System. We do so by facilitating a unique process of providing consulting to set up Engineering Computer Laboratory. The Computer Labs for each and every Department is planned according to their need and research work standards. It is based on compliance and need from product development and consensus among industry, government regulations, and researchers.

Faculty Development Program

“Faculty Training Program” service offers lectures from“NEK Tech”faculty to the lecturers. The “NEK Tech”faculty would be providing special designed sessions to institution’s faculty to shape the upcoming talent from the starting of their studies. For Technology critical area like Open Source Product Development, Infrastructure Technologies and other core areas of Engineering.

The motive of “Faculty Training Program” is to encapsulate the industry experience knowledge into education system.

Research Lab Setup

“Research Lab Setup” service offers institutions to setup a lab for in-house software development, lab will be equipped with all the software development tools, which helps institutions to carry forward their research and product development. It will enable institution to work on there own in house development of projects and new technology.

The motive of “Research Lab Setup” is to install an environment in institution to work on new technology development.

Institution Technology Consulting

ITC from NEKTech, is to provide the education base platform to produce engineering scholars with the product Development Capabilities. We vision to develop an environment for young crowd to entrepreneur in the core area of engineering. Entrepreneurship is important to bring up the change for positive manner, by providing extreme creative softwares for the different fields of science, education and research. NEKTech provides lot of services in this domain to an institution. Some of them are:
- NEK Tech Speciality Classes (NSC)