NEKTech-Linux for Engineering

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NEKTech-Linux for Engineering Education is India’s first-ever Educational Operating System that serves the entire requirement from Engineering Education. It is first ever technically strong and robust Operating System, which is fully loaded with all the Software Development tools, Circuit Designing, 2D Modeling, 3D Designing, analysis and simulation tools. NEKTech-Linux is developed with the vision of freeing education from the burden of Proprietary Software and implications of piracy over the institutions and students.

Advantages of NEKTech-Linux:

Independence from Technology Needs: Promoting and developing initial talents will help us to lead into self-dependency and developing proper talents for Technology Development Area.

Controlling Piracy: Piracy is the biggest demotivation of technological and creative business line. The addiction to Proprietary Software is the biggest challenge to control piracy. Open Source Technology is the best way to get rid of piracy in education and other fields.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Developing talents in open source technology will help them to use Open Source Software stacks to startup new business without any initial burden of Software licenses.

Liberate Education from Proprietary Software: Proprietary software blocks the creativity and entrepreneurship skills from whole bunch of young generation. Liberate education from proprietary Software will enable the core talents to innovate new ideas.
NEKTech-Linux for Engineering is developed in 3 different variants:
1) NEKTech-Linux for Computer Science
2) NEKTech-Linux for Electronics and Electrical
3) NEKTech-Linux for Mechanical and Civil

Snapshot of the Product: