India's First Educational Operating System

NEKTech launched India's First Educational Operating System on January 2014. The Operating system is Linux based, kept open source. NEKTech will provide this operating system to Engineering Institutions through it's "Lab Management Service", which complies the AICTE norms for Open Source Engineering Lab. NEKTech is India's first company of it's own kind in terms of Technology Creativity and Engineering Research. It is also first usage and research oriented Linux distro company which currently provides back-bone support for a quality Engineering Education.

It is kept free to students and faculty to empower them with the practical approach and unleash the research edge, which is blocked by "Proprietary Softwares". NEKTech-Linux is developed with the vision to liberate education from the burden of Proprietary Software.There are some related references from AJER (American Journal of Engineering Research) to elaborate the power of Open source and Pros of adopting Open Source in Education:

Proprietary software versus Open Source Software for Education